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How It Works

The Cape Cod Card is the only card that offers a year-round savings program to local businesses. The CCC program contracts with local businesses willing to offer an incentive to CCC cardholders.

The marketplace of these merchants posted on for cardholders who benefit by getting savings all year at their favorite local businesses.

You're already spending money on food and going out to eat, so why not save some of that cash for something else?

Example of How It Works

  • Let’s say that an average dinner for a family of four costs about $100. If you’re dining at a participating restaurant and they have a 10% promotion for card holders, you will get at least 10% off your bill. That amounts to a savings of $10.
  • Most families will go out to eat at least once per month, so this means that over the course of the year, you'll be saving $120! 
  • And if you use the card at stores, shops, hair salons, barbers, spas, and professional services…your savings will triple or quadruple! The more you use the card, the more you save!

Step 1: Complete the new user sign up

Step 2: Purchase the card and we'll ship it to you

Step 3: Activate the card and start saving money!

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